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Wet Insulation Damage Restoration in Knoxville

After experiencing damage, whether caused by a water pipe break or appliance leak, water removal is necessary to avoid the secondary effects. Water intrusion can cause damage to various parts of your property, and wet insulation is a problem that cannot be ignored. Fortunately, with Innovative Restorations nearby, there is no need to worry. We can help you address this issue quickly and effectively. 

You can talk to our IICRC and EPA-certified technicians in KingstonLenoir CityMaryvilleTallassee, and any other service areas with a single phone call. Find us 24/7, available at the number 865-217-0545, or reach us online by clicking here for first-class restoration services.


Effects of Wet Insulation

When insulation gets moist, it loses its ability to maintain a consistent temperature. This can lead to microorganisms like mold and pests growing and spreading. As a result, it produces a foul odor that ruins freshness and can also cause health problems such as breathing discomfort, allergy attacks, and other complications.

Due to the fluctuating temperature, the HVAC system consumes more energy, resulting in higher utility bills. Moreover, wet insulation reduces the property value and leads to structural damage. Therefore, it is imperative to restore wet insulation damage immediately.

Installed crawl space insulation install

What Do You Need to Know More About Wet Insulation?

The insulation is mainly wet because there could be leaks in the plumbing pipes, gutter, or roofs. Other reasons might include moist ground, clogged weep holes, etc. In all of these cases, there is usually an excess of humidity. If you notice any of the following signs, it is recommended that you seek professional assistance regardless of the cause.

  • Musty odor
  • Mold growth
  • Water stains on the walls
  • Wallpapers are peeled off
Waterproofed crawl space

Benefits of Wet Insulation Restoration

Don't let water wreak havoc on your property - trust the experts to provide you with the protection you need. An expert wet insulation services will ensure:

  • Retain and restore fresh indoor air
  • Prevent health risks and inconvenience caused by dampness, odor, and other harmful particles
  • Boost and ensure energy efficiency
  • Comfort and peace of mind
  • longevity of your home

You can expect all these benefits from our well-trained technicians not more than 60 minutes from your residence. You can also secure your commercial property with our other services, including plumbing overflow cleanup, emergency water removal, etc, along with financing support.

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Rely on Us for a Professional Wet Insulation Damage Restoration

If you detect a problem early, you are halfway to solving it. It is important to seek help from a reliable source to resolve the issue. Innovative Restorations is always ready to assist with its licensed and insured services. So, to benefit from our decade-long professional experience, dial 865-217-0545 or click here to send us a service request online.

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