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Refrigerator Leak Cleanup service in Knoxville, TN

A clogged or frozen drain line, faulty water inlet valve, damaged or worn door gasket, cracked or damaged water line, or improper leveling of the refrigerator can lead to the refrigerator leaking and causing extensive water damage at your home. Whatever the reason is, it is important to clean up the overflowing water caused by a refrigerator leak as soon as possible to prevent damage to your home.

Our IICRC-certified technicians at Innovative Restorations provide the best refrigerator leak cleanup service in Rockford, Farragut, Philadelphia, Kingston, and other areas nearby. We have years of hand on experience and the necessary equipment to provide you with the quickest cleanup service. Whenever you need our assistance with refrigerator leak cleanup or other appliance leak cleanup services, simply dial 865-217-0545 or click here for more information.

Why Do You Need Cleanup Service for Refrigerator Leaks?

For the following reasons, you could require cleanup assistance after a refrigerator leak:

Health Hazard: Water leaks can promote bacteria and mold, which can be hazardous to your health.

Structural Damage: Standing water on the floor can jeopardize the floor and the building's structural stability.

Further Damage: Standing water from leaking refrigerators can damage your home, decreases the working efficiency of the refrigerator and shorten its life.

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Professional Refrigerator Leak Cleanup service by Innovative Restorations

At Innovative Restorations, we handle issues involving water damage due to leaking refrigerators effectively and efficiently. In order to assess the extent of the water damage, we conduct a moisture assessment to conceal water damage and reduce the likelihood of mold damage. Then we pump out all standing water, clean the affected area, dry the area using dehumidifiers, and finally assist you to get back the water-damaged property to its pre-damage condition. Below are some of the reasons why people choose us.

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Get The Best Services at Innovative Restorations

If the refrigerator of your home is leaking, Call Innovative Restorations at 865-217-0545 without any delay. In addition, we also provide cleanup services for washing machine overflow, dishwasher overflow, water heater bursts, and more. Click here to make an appointment online.