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Professional Crime Scene Cleanup Services near Knoxville, TN

Cleaning and restoration work might start once the police have completed processing a crime scene. Crime scenes often have blood and other biohazard pollutants that pose a severe health risk. At Innovative Restorations, we offer comprehensive crime scene cleanup services for both commercial and residential customers in Knoxville, TN.

We are an IICRC-certified firm, and we have been in this industry for more than one decade. Our company is a member of the Home Builders Association of TN. With our experience, crews, and equipment, every trace of crime will be eliminated from your house or commercial property.

Our certified technicians can do crime scene cleanup services quickly and efficiently. So, pick up your phone now and call us now at 865-217-0545 to learn more about our services.

The Benefits of Hiring A Professional Crime Scene Cleanup Company

After police finish their investigation of a crime scene, it is possible that damage to your property has already occurred, as blood and other substances may have found their way into walls and floors, producing unsightly bacteria and stains.

If the situation isn’t handled correctly and your property is old, it could negatively affect the structure, which is why you need to hire a professional crime scene cleanup company like Innovative Restorations. Below are some benefits of hiring a professional crime scene cleanup company.

  • Ensures your privacy
  • Prevents property damage
  • Provides you with improved safety
  • Saves time and money in the long run
  • High-quality cleaning processes will be applied
  • A professional company can tackle tough substances
  • A professional company knows when and where to clean
Professional crime scene cleanup service

Innovative Restorations – A Reliable Company for Professional Crime Scene Cleanup Services

The Innovative Restorations team is educated, committed, and qualified to provide superior crime scene cleanup services. We also provide biohazard cleanup, trauma scene cleanup, and workplace accident cleanup services. If you live in Farragut, Harriman, and Alcoa, then don’t hesitate to call us at 865-217-0545 or click this link to schedule our services.