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Mold Testing

IICRC-Certified Mold Inspection & Testing in Knoxville, TN

If you suspect or see mold, Innovative Restorations can help provide independent mold testing. Our consultant will perform a visual inspection, conduct air quality sampling with laboratory analysis, temperature and humidity readings, moisture assessment, and respirable particle sampling.

If mold is identified, the consultant will include protocols for mold remediation by a specialist from our network of independent, certified mold remediators.

For mold testing in AlcoaFarragutHarrimanKingstonPhiladelphiaRockfordWalland or anywhere in our Tennessee service area, call Innovative Restorations at 865-217-0545 to learn more about our testing procedures and free estimates.


Innovative Restorations' Mold Testing Process in Knoxville

  • Collaborate with client to complete health questionnaire
  • Tour distinct areas of building with client
  • Infrared thermal scan with detailed visual inspection
  • Take air and surface samples based on visual observations
  • Establish "chain of custody" to track samples
  • Transfer samples and chain of custody to third-party lab
IICRC Certified Mold Inspection & Testing

Trust Innovative Restorations For Reliable Mold Testing in Knoxville & Rockford, TN

IICRC stringent standards allow only experts in mold testing and mold remediation to be considered for our network. Our network of independent, environmental consultants has provided mold testing and mold inspection for thousands of residential, governmental, educational, and commercial clients.

Once mold is identified, we evaluate the degree of infestation and the cause. A determined cause can be corrected and followed by mold remediation to remove all mold issues. All remediation processes and protocols are strictly followed, from the outset of initial mold testing.

Innovative Restorations is available 24/7 for mold testing, mold hazards or other emergencies and concerns. We'll eliminate your mold infestation, and make your home a fresh, clean haven again. Trust our certified, highly-trained experts.

We also provide services for disinfectingbiohazard cleanupcrawl space repair and water removal in AlcoaFarragutHarrimanKingstonPhiladelphiaRockfordWalland, and surrounding communities. To learn more about our restoration services, call 865-217-0545 or contact us online.

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