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Water Removal, Structural Drying, and Mold Remediation in Lenoir City

For homeowners and business owners in Knoxville, TN, and its surrounding cities. Innovative Restorations is an IICRC-certified restoration firm that excels in all types of jobs related to water restoration, applied structural drying, mold remediation applied microbial remediation, and much more.

Our technicians are professional, qualified, and committed to fast and through drying your property and are available 24/7. We stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and use only state-of-the-art remediation and restoration equipment when servicing your home or office in Lenoir City, TN.

When you need help with water removal, disinfection, biohazard cleanup, crawl space encapsulation, mold remediation, or other moisture-control and restoration services at your residential or commercial property in Lenoir City, be sure to call the restoration experts from Innovative Restorations.

Services Offered by Innovative Restorations in Lenoir City

Some of our most popular services in Lenoir City and its surrounding communities include:

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Rely on Innovative Restorations to Restore Your Property in Lenoir City, TN

Despite our best intentions and careful planning, every homeowner or business owner occasionally needs help with restoration & moisture-control services in Lenoir City and other communities we serve in the Greater Knoxville, Tennessee area. When you need our services for disinfection, biohazard cleanup, water removal, crawl space encapsulation, mold remediation, or something else, your best move is to contact us online or give us a call at 865-217-0545.

Completed Jobs from Lenoir City

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March 24, 2023 | Lenoir City, TN

The washing machine drain line was not hooked up properly and leaked, affecting the bathroom, laundry room, a couple bedrooms and garage. We had to remove the flooring in the laundry room, but the other rooms we were able to dry with the flooring in place. In the garage, we removed wet, damaged drywall. We set up dehumidifiers and air dryers in every room, then took moisture readings to ensure everything was dry to prevent mold from growing.

July 18, 2022 | Lenoir City, TN

The HVAC condensation line overflowed into the finished basement. We pulled up all the carpet and part of the drywall. We set up dehumidifiers and air dryers to dry out the floors and the walls. We then took moisture reading to ensure everything was dry to prevent mold from growing.