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Improve Your Crawl Space Air Quality in Knoxville, TN

Think of the crawl space under your house as a secret space. Why? Because even though we don't often use it. But if it doesn't get enough air, it can cause big problems. Moisture, mold, and bad air can build up, which isn't good for your home or your health.

Since 2009, Innovative Restorations has been here to keep the air fresh and moisture-free so that your home stays strong and safe. Let's explore crawl space ventilation to make sure this hidden space stays clean and healthy. We serve in KingstonTallassee, and other cities in our service area. Call us at 865-217-0545 or contact us online.

Effects on Indoor Air Quality from Dampen Crawl Space

The air quality in your home can suffer from the following if you have a dampened crawl space:

Our Ways to Improve Crawl Space Air Quality

There are the three most important aspects of indoor air quality. Let's see how they work:

Why Choose Innovations Restorations for Crawl Space Work?

Innovations Restorations offers skilled contractors ready to assist you with moisture control, foundation waterproofing, basement finishing, sump pump installation, and more. Whether you need to improve crawl space air quality or tackle other basement-related projects, we can connect you with the right service provider in your local area. For further details, call us at 865-217-0545 or click here to find a suitable local contractor now.

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